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Grays Harbor changes hands  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Tuesday Apr 21st, 2020 08:22 PM
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T. Michael

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2019 was a year of behind the scenes work as Bert Johnson and Steve Beitler hammered out the details of the race track exchange. Bert Johnson has been involved in some form of oval track racing since childhood and his latest adult dreams was to someday owning the right as a track promotor. He has a rich history from pitman, owner/driver, club organizer/President/ promotor/ driver for WESCO, race director in charge for another person that had the contract to Port Angeles Speedway, assistant race director at Evergreen Speedway, and all around general help and pit lane push of at Skagit Speedway.

When Funtime Promotions took over Gray's Harbor he was appointed to over see that facility for the owner Steve Beitler with an understanding he would some day buy Steve out. 2019 was the year they would come into agreement to consummate that plan and at end of season it was finally done.

He no sooner went public with his press release when the World turned upside down and he as well as others are now fighting a hard battle to figure out how best to serve the faithful followers of our sport, the participants of our sport, and the nation in general.

Stay safe so when racing resumes we can all have FUN!

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It ain't about where you're going that's important; it's all about how much fun you have getting there!
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 Posted: Monday Apr 27th, 2020 08:57 PM
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Congrats Bert. Best wishes from one of your old Port Angeles Mod drivers. Hope this beer virus passes soon.


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