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Mid Season Championships to Hammer, Hendrickson, Margeson, Drake and Hillier  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Saturday Jul 7th, 2018 06:23 AM
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Mid Season Championships to Hammer, Hendrickson, Margeson, Drake and Hillier


Everson, WA - Mid season championships and fireworks were on the agenda at Deming Speedway on Friday evening with action sponsored by Les Schwab, Blade RV Center and 92.9 KISM. Winners on midseason championship night were Kaitlyn Hammer, Steven Hendrickson, Evan Margeson, Dakota Drake and Levi Hillier.

It was a fantastic battle for the win in the Speedmart Hoosier 600 Open division that punctuated the night. Kaitlyn Hammer inherited the lead on lap five and had Jared Peterson right on her tail. For 20 laps, Peterson dogged Hammer all around the track, running right up to her rear nerf bar numerous times. Hammer never faltered, keeping Peterson at bay the whole time as she picked up her second win of the season.

Four hundredths of a second were all that separated the top two in the Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200 division. Steven Hendrickson got caught in slower traffic, breaking his rhythm and allowing Seth Hespe to rapidly close the gap. The two threw slidejobs at each other over the last two laps, with Hendrickson barely hanging on at the end for the win, his fourth of the season.

It was all Evan Margeson in the Northwest Focus Midget Series main event. Margeson led all twenty laps of the main, surviving a number of restarts before taking the victory ahead of Nick Evans and Jonathan Jorgenson.

The night was rough for the Mytrafficman.NET 600 restricted division. The main event was shortened to just eighth laps as a bevy of cautions pushed the race over it’s time limit. At the end of the night, Dakota Drake won her third main event of the year, leading every lap.

Levi Hillier collected his fourth win of the year in the Kasey Kahne Junior Sprints. HIllier led all twenty laps of the main, hanging on for the victory despite a steering issue that hampered him over the final few circuits.

Speedmart Hoosier 600 Open
Scramble - Tanner Holm
Heat - Liam Ryan
Main - Kaitlyn Hammer, Jared Peterson, Spud Allen, Kyle Johnson, Chance Crum, Kaden Holm, Jesse Schlotfeldt, Dustin O’Brien, Tyson Lemley, Ryley Mayer, Colin Mackey, Liam Ryan, Tanner Holm
Lap Leaders - T Holm 1-4 Hammer 5-25

Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200
Scramble - Jared Gundersen
Heat 1 - Chad Reid
Heat 2 - Ryan Cully
Main - Steven Hendrickson, Seth Hespe, Jared Gundersen, Derek Holmwood, Clennon Holloway, Alex Lewis, Frosty Metcalfe, Ryan Cully, Dustin O’Brien, Dick Williams, Brian Haling, Tanner Schoonover, Alan Lindquist, Chad Reid
Lap Leaders - Hendrickson 1-25

Northwest Focus Midget Series
Heat 1 - Jayme Barnes
Heat 2 - Ross Rankine
Heat 3 - Nick Evans
Main - Evan Margeson, Nick Evans, Jonathan Jorgenson, Ross Rankine, Tristin Thomas, Jayme Barnes, Eric Turner, Tyler Thompson, Sawyer Lind, Matt Loving, Chris Bullock, Brian Hayes, Jesse Conway, Ray Stebbins, Katie Jackson, Alden Ostrom, Shane Smith, Nik Larson, Breanna Brostrom, Hannah Lindquist
Lap Leaders - Margeson 1-20

Mytrafficman.NET 600 Restricted
Scramble - Dakota Drake
Heat 1 - Corbin Ramsey
Heat 2 - Jake Trueman
Heat 3 - Jesson Jacobson
B Main - Macie Logsdon
A Main - Dakota Drake, Blaine Granberg, Colin Mackey, Ben Ferrera, Levi Klatt, Macie Logsdon, Seth Anderlini, Peyton Hagen, Ashleigh Johnson, Jake Trueman, Rylee Kentch, Jesson Jacobson, Bryce Bezanson, Cejay Atkins, Mitchell Helsel, Jeremy Holz, Malachi Gemmer, Corbin Ramsey, Baker Fagerlie, Kai Dixon
Lap Leaders - Drake 1-8

Kasey Kahne Junior Sprints
Scramble - Levi Hillier
Heat 1 - Kane Van Sickle
Heat 2 - Austin Held
B Main - Avery Askvig
A Main - Levi Hillier, Peyton Drake, Keira Zylstra, Levi Kuntz, Kane Van Sickle, Austin Held, Carson Guffie, Jayden Whitney, Dustin Ramsey, Kelan Knowles, Avery Askvig, McKenna Morgan, Addisen Hagen, Elizabeth Wade, Karlyn Kocher, Orin Biggs
Lap Leaders - Hillier 1-20

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