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Andreotti Wins $10k at 2018 IBEW NECA Clay Cup Nationals  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sunday Jul 22nd, 2018 07:47 AM
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Andreotti Wins $10k at 2018 IBEW NECA Clay Cup Nationals


Everson, WA - Jake Andreotti won one of the richest prizes in micro racing on Saturday night, winning $10,000 at the 2018 IBEW NECA Clay Cup Nationals at Deming Speedway in the 600 Open division. Jared Gundersen, Colby Thornhill and Dalton Parreira joined Andreotti as Clay Cup Champions.

Andreotti etched his name in the record books by showing patience early, as an 11th place starting spot put him behind a fast and talented field of competitors. As Andreotti moved forward on the field, Joey Ancona set a rapid pace, keeping Jared Peterson at bay for multiple runs and through a number of cautions. As the race entered its final stages, Andreotti moved into position two by sliding Peterson in turn three and set his sights on Ancona. A yellow flag right after his pass of Peterson closed the gap to nothing between Ancona and Andreotti and it took five laps for Andreotti to make a low move on Joey in turn two to take the lead for good. Ancona would battle back, but lost his handle on the high side of turn two and flipped on lap 39. Jake would drive away from Peterson on the restart to secure the win, with Peterson taking second for the third straight year and TJ Smith rounding out the podium. Keith Day Jr earned the hard charger award and $700 for advancing 12 spots.

The 1200 division race was a barn burner up front early, as Derek Holmwood led lap number one with Jared Gundersen right on his tail. Gundersen made a slide for the lead on lap two, but it looked like Holmwood would retake the top spot on lap tree before a caution flag flew. With the the field reverting to the last completed lap, Gundersen would restart in the lead, a position he would not give up en route to is second Clay Cup win in the past two years. Jared Peterson put on a show from the back of the field, earning the $700 hard charger award in coming from 21st to second. Holmwood, in only his second main event of the year, earned third.

In 2017, Colby Thornhill became the first driver to repeat as Clay Cup Champion in the 600 Restricted class. In 2018, Thornhill made it three in a row, as he drove around the outside of Lane Taylor for the lead on lap 25 of 30 to take the $3,000 winner’s share of the purse. Taylor led the first 24 laps but would have to settle for second ahead of Caeden Steele in third. Malachi Gemmer was hard charger, picking up ten positions and $700.

In the Junior Sprint class, Dalton Parreira picked up the $1,300 victory by securing the lead from Colton Key on lap 6. Parreira held the lead easily the most of the way to take the win, followed by Levi Hillier in second and Key in third. Keira Zylstra came from the B Main to earn hard charger honors, advancing 8 spots for the $700 prize.

600 Open
C Main 1 (Top 3 Advance) - Chance Crum, Josh Monroe, Colby Greig, Hunter Stanley, Jeff Little, Rachel Westmoreland, Kyle Kennedy, Ryan Van Baal, Dylan Resch, Dustin O’Brien, Brad Hannum
C Main 2 (Top 3 Advance) - Bailey Sucich, Sawyer Sorgenfrei, Mathew Moles, Alden Ostrom, Kaitlyn Hammer, Austin Edson, Tyson Lemley, Colton Huelsmann, Jeremy Smith, Colton Price, Colin Mackey
B Main (Top 6 Advance) - Cody Key, Cody Christensen, Keith Day Jr, Joe Constance, Mitchel Moles, Caeden Sarale, Paul Javaux, Kaden Holm, Jon Farrell, Kyle Johnson, Sucich, Crum, Ma Moles, Mike Barnes, Ryley Mayer, Tristin Thomas, Lance Sargent, Ostrom, Sorgenfrei, Stan Yockey, Monroe, Greig
A Main - Jake Andreotti, Jared Peterson, TJ Smith, Evan Margeson, Keith Day Jr, Cody Christensen, Cody Key, Mitchel Moles, Tanner Holm, Caeden Sarale, Kevin Wilkinson, Devin Borden, Joey Ancona, Robbie Price, Jesse Schlotfeldt, Kyle Mitchell, Joe Constance, Ben Worth, Skyler Jennings, Liam Ryan
Lap Leaders - Ancona 1-35 Andreotti 36-40
Hard Charger - Keith Day Jr +12 $700

Main - Jared Gundersen $1000, Jared Peterson, Derek Holmwood, Alex Lewis, Steven Hendrickson, Zach Keefe, Seth Hespe, Chad Reid, Clennon Holloway, Luke Didiuk, Tyson Lemley, Ryan Cully, Tyson Cross, Bryce Bogardus, David Leemon, Frosty Metcalfe, Alan Lindquist, Dick Williams, Dustin O’Brien, Tanner Schoonover, JJ Hickle
Lap Leaders - Holmwood 1 Gundersen 2-40
Hard Charger - Jared Peterson +19 $700

600 Restricted
C Main (Top 6 Advance) - Isabel Barnes, Jesson Jacobson, Bryce Bezanson, Haylee Bloodgood, Cat Fagerlie, Ryan Holz, Alex Gouy, Audrey Balmert, Baker Fagerlie, Corbin Ramsey, Rylee Kentch
B Main (Top 6 Advance) - Jordi Meese, Devon Courtnier, Ben Ferrera, Malachi Gemmer, R Holz, Blaine Baxter, Barnes, Levi Klatt, Bloodgood, Eli Bookout, Jacobson, Ashlyn Rodriguez, Jake Trueman, Braden Maltais, C Fagerlie, Brody Ferguson, Parker Hadlock, Bezanson, Seth Anderlini, Kai Dixon, Hailey Constance, Gauge Garcia
A Main - Colby Thornhill $3,000, Lane Taylor, Caeden Steele, Brody Petrie, Dakota Drake, Logan Trevino, Blaine Granberg, Malachi Gemmer, Jade Avedisian, Corey Day, Jeremy Holz, Devon Courtnier, Jordi Meese, Blaine Baxter, Carson Borden, Peyton Hagen, Tyler McLeod, Colin Mackey, Ben Ferrera, Ryan Holz
Lap Leaders - Taylor 1-24 Thornhill 25-30
Hard Charger - Malachi Gemmer +10 $700

Junior Sprint
B Main (Top 6 Advance) - Keira Zylstra, Peyton Drake, Avery Askvig, Kelan Knowles, Karlyn Kocher, Cruz Kentch, McKenna Morgan, Lucas Mauldin, Autti Dixon, Carson Guffie, Sydney Benson, Connor Sagmoen, Olivia Laurimore, Elizabeth Wade, Karma Fagerlie ,Orin Biggs, Dustin Ramsey
A Main - Dalton Parreira $1,300, Levi Hillier, Colton Key, Levi Kuntz, Keira Zylstra, Jett Barnes, Jayden Whitney, Brooklyn Constance, Austin Held, Addisen Hagen, Wyatt Bookout, Cruz Kentch, Keln Knowles, Karlyn Kocher, Avery Askvig, Dustin Ramsey, Peyton Drake, Axel Oudman
Lap Leaders - Key 1-5 Parreira 6-25
Hard Charger - Keira Zylstra +8 $700

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