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 Posted: Monday Apr 1st, 2013 04:12 PM
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Kelly Hart

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NWRaceChat Members:

Please note the following changes to NWRaceChat.

We have deleted Sunset Speedway and Willamette from our list of forums. We have decided to keep Cottage Grove and Grays Harbor. ASCS has been changed from ASCS NW to ASCS to provide a more sweeping coverage of both the National ASCS because of the number of NW racers that run with that organization and because the ASCS NW tour touches many of the racers that also run locally on occasion at our regional tracks.

Recently, it came to our attention that NWRaceChat was purposely being left out of the media mix for information directly from management of the aforementioned race facilities. Whether this edict was passed on from along high or not, we cannot abide by that decision to leave you, our readers and members out of the loop of direct information regarding racing at these facilities. If we stumble across info regarding racing at those venues, we'll put it in the "THIS JUST OUT" forum. Until such time as we get a response from our inquiry, this is how we will deal with the freeze out.

As for those that want to know why GHR and Cottage Grove were not included. One of the primary reasons this board was founded was because GHR and Cottage Grove fans and racers decided to take up the mantle and start one after their own tracks deleted their personal message boards. We respect those dedicated people and wish to carry on their original wish. As someone that bought this board with the intent of promoting the sport of racing and supporting tracks I find this to be the correct action to take in reaction to those that think they control the sport by punishing the very people that have been most supportive of their activities.

Any questions can be sent directly to me: and I will be happy to answer them.

Additionally, you see some board sponsors making their way onto NWRaceChat. If you would please click on their ads on the lower borders and take advantage of their services, I would appreciate the business.

Kelly Hart - Owner

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