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Jorgenson Wins Final WSS Race, Simpson and Sundstrom Feature Winners  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Monday Jul 15th, 2019 07:26 AM
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Jorgenson Wins Final WSS Race, Simpson and Sundstrom Feature Winners

The weather seemed almost perfect on Saturday night, as the Wingless Sprint Series non wing sprint cars made their final appearance of the 2019 season. This was the final race of the three race series. Also on hand were the Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks and Outlaw Tuners.

Outlaw Tuners

A field of 14 Outlaw Tuners took to the 3/8 banked clay oval on Saturday night and after two action packed heat races early in the evening, the 15 lap feature saw Spanaway's Timmy Phillips and Tyler Sundstrom of Hoquiam set the front row. Sundstrom took the early lead, as Phillips slipped back to fifth. Nathan Foster of Tumwater moved into second, along with Zachary Stallsmith of Olympia running third. Silverdale's Del Tucker Jr was on the move working his way into the top three from the sixth position. Tenino's Chad Norton battled for fifth with Phillips, racing side by side for a handful of laps before moving into the position. Sundstrom continued to lead the field, as Foster inched closer when heavy lap traffic became a factor. Tucker Jr moved his way into second and looked to track down Sundstrom getting close in the last handful of laps. Sundstrom held on to pick up the win over Tucker Jr, Foster, Stallsmith and Josh Walker. Heat race winners early in the evening were Phillips and Sundstrom.

Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks

Austin Kerrigan of Aberdeen took the early lead after a drag race into turn one with Hoquiam's Jason Tole. Zack Simpson of Aberdeen looked to the high side of Tole to take over the second position. Kerrigan put some distance between himself and the rest of the field looking to keep Simpson behind him. The first caution of the evening saw Taylor Miller of Westport stop in turn one on lap 6. On the restart Kerrigan led the field to the green with Simpson and Tole on his back bumper. Simpson looked to the low side, for the lead, racing side by side with Kerrigan for a handful of laps. Slight contact between both saw Simpson move into the lead on lap 9. Kerrigan saw issues on lap 16, ending his evening. On the restart, Simpson continued to dominate the feature as the battle for second through fourth saw Tole, Fritts, and Aberdeen's Matt White race hard for position. At the end of the 20 lap feature Simpson picked up the win over Tole, Fritts, Elma's Ryen Haney, and White. Heat race winners were Fritts and Simpson with Tole picking up fast time.

Wingless Sprint Series

The Wingless Sprint Series saw 15 non wing sprint cars sign in, and 13 starting the 30 lap feature. Jonathan Jorgenson of Auburn took to the early lead over Sherwood, Ore's Rob Lindsey. A hard race out of turn two saw Lindsey take the lead down the back stretch. Shawn Rice of Queen Creek, Arizona ran in third looking to track down Lindsey and Jorgenson. The top three were within striking distance. A long green flag run saw lap traffic early giving Jorgenson and Rice a chance to make their move for the lead. Jorgenson made the move for the top spot out of turn two on lap 16 bringing Rice with him, shuffling Lindsey back to third. The high side was the place to be as Jorgenson worked his way through traffic. Rice looked to make a bid for the lead on the low side but contact with a tractor tire on the low side allowed Jorgenson to pull away, picking up the win, and the three race Championship. Rice, Rob Lindsey, McMinnville, Ore's Lance Hallmark, and Michael Millard of Elma rounded out the top five. Heat race winners were Hallmark and Rice, with Millard picking up fast time.

Racing action resumes at Grays Harbor Raceway next Saturday night, as the 360 Sprint Cars return with another dual track bonus event. The Shipwreck Beads Modifieds return with Special Guest NASCAR legend Kenny Schrader, who will be in action. Also on hand will be the Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks and Outlaw Tuners. Gates will open at 5:30PM with racing at 7PM.

Grays Harbor Raceway
July 13, 2019

Outlaw Tuners:

Heat 1:
1. 69 Timmy Phillips, 2. 63 Nathan Foster, 3. 7 Josh Walker, 4. 88 Nik Sheats, 5. 3 Max Sanford, 6. 75X Robert Lokosek, 7. 2 Maynard Barnum

Heat 2:
1. 23 Tyler Sundstrom, 2. 60 Zachary Stallsmith, 3. 99 Del Tucker Jr, 4. 75 Chad Norton, 5. 323 Marlina Sheats, 6. 162 Cory Lash, 7. 13 Don Degenstein

1. Sundstrom, 2. Tucker Jr, 3. Foster, 4. Stallsmith, 5. Walker, 6. Norton, 7. Phillips, 8. Lokosek, 9. Sanford, 10. Lash, 11. Nik Sheats, 12. Marlina Sheats, 13. Degenstein

Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks

Fast Time:
34 Jason Tole

Heat 1:
1. 42 Scott Fritts, 2. AK47 Austin Kerrigan, 3. 23B Matt White, 4. 67 Ryen Haney, 5. 19 Tayler Miller, 6. 4 Scott Semanko, 7. 13 Randy Willis, 8. 55 Samantha Stevens

Heat 2:
1. 12 Zack Simpson, 2. 34 Jason Tole, 3. 1s Cory Sweatman, 4. 97 Rodger Perry, 5. 75 Jared Stevens, 6. 914 Tanner Bridges, 7. 61 Dave Larson

1. Simpson, 2. Tole, 3. Fritts, 4. Haney, 5. White, 6. Perry, 7. Bridges, 8. Jared Stevens, 9. Larson, 10. Samantha Stevens, 11. Semanko, 12. Sweatman, 13. Kerrigan, 14. Willis, 15. Miller

Wingless Sprint Series

Fast Time:
9 Michael Millard

Heat 1:
1. 8H Lance Hallmark, 2. 23 Rob Lindsey, 3. 57 Lindsay Barney, 4. 9 Michael Millard, 5. 38 Nate Geister, 6. 50 Brad Rhoads, 7. 18 Gene Cannon

Heat 2:
1. 96 Shawn Rice, 2. 89 Jonathan Jorgenson, 3. 9J Cody Ridge, 4. 23C Chad Lindsey, 5. 8 Tony Offutt, 6. 26K Tim Kennedy, 7. 54 John Butler

1. Jorgenson, 2. Rice, 3. Rob Lindsey, 4. Hallmark, 5. Millard, 6. Rhodes, 7. Barney, 8. Geister, 9. Chad Lindsey, 10. Ridge, 11. Offutt, 12. Kennedy, 13. Cannon

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