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Sweatman, Fritts, Evans and Simpson Feature Winners  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Monday Aug 26th, 2019 07:00 PM
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Sweatman, Fritts, Evans and Simpson Feature Winners

The 3/8 banked clay oval of Grays Harbor Raceway was ready and roaring to go on Saturday night as the Shipwreck Beads Modifieds, Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks, Northwest Focus Midget Series, and Outlaw Tuners were in action on a sunny summer night.

Outlaw Tuners

The Outlaw Tuners started out the evening as 13 cars were ready to go for the 15 lap feature event. Max Sanford of Belfair took the early lead, as a three car battle for second between Zachary Stallsmith of Olympia, Aberdeen's Cory Sweatman, and Robert Lokovsek of Eatonville ensued. Sweatman worked his way into second, looking to chase down Sanford for the lead. Tyler Sundstrom of Hoquiam looked to join in on the battle as he stayed close to the back bumper of Stallsmith. The battle for the lead saw Sweatman work to the outside of Sanford a few times, before taking the lead on lap 6. Sanford saw tough company as Stallsmith and Sundstrom looked to make a pass for second, making it a three car battle for the runner up position. Spanway driver Timmy Phillips looked to join in on the battle for third, as Stallsmith pulled away looking to track down Sweatman for the lead. At the end of the caution free Outlaw Tuners feature it was Sweatman picking up the win over Stallsmith, Sundstrom, Phillips and Maynard Barnum of Raymond. Heat race winners were Sweatman and Sundstrom

Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks

Hoquiam's Jack Parshall and Austin Kerrigan of Aberdeen set the front row of the 20 lap feature. It was Parshall that took the lead on the opening lap. Scott Fritts of Montesano worked his way into third, with Hoquiam's Matt White running fourth. The first caution saw Jared Stevens of Shelton stopped in turn two on lap 3. On the restart, Parshall continued to lead Fritts and White. Fritts stayed within striking distance of Parshall as they both slowly pulled away from White. A three car battle for the fourth position saw Scott Semanko of Shelton, Westport's Taylor Miller, and Rodger Perry of Belfair. Semanko moved into fourth position, as Perry and Miller raced for fifth. Fritts continued to stay up close with Parshall, even making a move a handful of times for the lead, but couldn't make the pass. Both drivers took the white flag. Fritts looked to the outside going into turn three, taking over the lead, and picking up the feature win. Parshall, White, Semanko, and Perry rounded out the top five. Heat race winners were Parshall and Kerrigan, with Aberdeen's Zack Simpson picking up fast time.

Northwest Focus Midget Series

20 Northwest Focus Midgets took to the 3/8 banked clay oval. Thomas Walker of Elma took the early lead but the red flag quickly flew for a multiple car incident in turn two. All drivers were ok. On the restart Walker took the lead once again, with Marysville driver Nick Evans looking to the low side to try and make a pass. Evans did take the top spot out of turn four on lap 3. Evans looked strong out front, as the battle for third between McCleary's Garrett Thomas and Alex Peck of Spanaway was the race to watch. Thomas looked to the low side and took over the second position from Walker. Evans continued to extend his lead early but that was all erased on lap 7 when Bow's Shane Smith spun in turn two. Evans led Thomas and Peck to the green flag. This time around Evans didn't extend his lead like he did early on. Thomas stayed close and even looked to the low side to make a pass but couldn't take over the lead. Lap traffic became a factor late in the race giving Thomas a chance to take the lead but the lap traffic was in the favor of Evans as he went on to pick up the win over Thomas, Peck, Matt Loving of Burlington, and Shoreline driver Hannah Lindquist. Heat race winners early in the evening were Walker, Evans, and Rainier, Ore's Guy Tow Sr.

Shipwreck Beads Modifieds

The 25 lap Shipwreck Beads Modified feature saw Scott Miller of Shelton take the early lead but quickly the yellow flag flew for Aberdeen driver Austin Kerrigan as he stopped in turn two. On the restart it was current point leader Kyler Moore of Seabeck taking the early lead. Tom Sweatman of Cosmopolis worked his way into second getting by Aberdeen's Zack Simpson and Miller. Sweatman set his sights on Moore for the lead. Plenty of battling throughout the field made for an exciting race, as the battle for third saw Don Jenner of Vancouver move into the top three, getting by Simpson. Problems for Sweatman late in the feature brought out the caution, giving Simpson and Jenner a shot at Moore for the lead. Moore led Simpson to the green flag and the battle for third was exciting to watch with Jenner and Oakville's Brian Harding. Moore and Simpson slowly pulled away from the third place battle, making a exciting race between both of them. Moore took the white flag with a hard charging Simpson on his back bumper, both drivers raced into turn four, Simpson running the high side and it was a drag race to the checkered flag. Simpson picked up the win by a nose at the line over Moore, Jenner, Harding, and Miller. Heat race winners were Olympia's Tyson Blood, Simpson, and Lawrence O'Connor of Port Hardy, British Columbia, with Spanway's Tim Phillips winning the B-Main.

Racing will resume this Sunday and Monday for Labor Day weekend. Sunday night the Summer Thunder Sprint Series 360 Sprint Cars will be in action, along with the Shipwreck Beads Modifieds, and Northwest Focus Midget Series. Monday night will see the yearly appearance of the NOS Energy Drink World of Outlaws Sprint Cars presented by Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel. Also on hand will be the Northwest Focus Midget Series. Gates will open at 5:30PM with racing at 7PM. For more information go to http://www.grayshabrorraceway.com

Grays Harbor Raceway
August 24, 2019

Outlaw Tuners:

Heat 1:
1. 1s Cory Sweatman, 2. 75X Robert Lokovsek, 3. 81 Megan White, 4. 0 Zach Dalrymple, 5. 63 Nathan Foster, 6. 323 Marlina Sheats, 7. 99 Del Tucker Jr.

Heat 2:
1. 23 Tyler Sundstrom, 2. 60 Zachary Stallsmith, 3. 3 Max Sanford, 4. 69 Timmy Phillips, 5. 2 Maynard Barnum

1. Sweatman, 2. Stallsmith, 3. Sundstrom, 4. Phillips, 5. Barnum, 6. Tucker Jr, 7. Foster, 8. Walker, 9. Turpin, 10. Lokovsek, 11. Sanford, 12. Sheats, 13. Dalrymple

Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks:

Fast Time:
12 Zack Simpson

Heat 1:
1. 9 Jack Parshall, 2. 23B Matt White, 3. 19 Taylor Miller, 4. 914 Tanner Bridges, 5. 55 Samantha Stevens, 6. Zack Simpson

Heat 2:
1. AK47 Austin Kerrigan, 2. 42 Scott Fritts, 3. 4 Scott Semanko, 4. 75 Jared Stevens, 5. 97 Rodger Perry, 6. 61 Dave Larson

1. Fritts, 2. Parshall, 3. White, 4. Semanko, 5. Perry, 6. Miller, 7. Bridges, 8. Samantha Stevens, 9. Jared Stevens, 10. Larson, 11. Kerrigan

Shipwreck Beads Modifieds:

Heat 1:
1. 97 Tyson Blood, 2. AK47 Austin Kerrigan, 3. 26 Scott Miller, 4. 28 Brian Harding, 5. 9K Morgan Criswell, 6. 714 Zach Fuller, 7. 98 Dan Kinnaman, 8. 42 Kevin Hanson

Heat 2:
1. 12 Zack Simpson, 2. 6X Don Jenner, 3. 14K Kyler Moore, 4. 87K Brenton Schnitzer, 5. 58 David Wolfard, 6. 8 Steve Bulpitt, 7. 58X Devon Reed

Heat 3:
1. 27EH Lawrence O'Connor, 2. 11s Tom Sweatman, 3. 31 Don Martin, 4. 1W Dan West Jr, 5. 5W Devan West, 6. 41 Tim Phillips, 7. 34T Jason Tole

1. Phillips, 2. Tole, 3. Fuller, 4. Bulpitt, 5. Kinnaman, 6. Hanson

1. Simpson, 2. Moore, 3. Jenner, 4. Harding, 5. Miller, 6. West, 7. Blood, 8. West Jr, 9. Martin, 10. Wolfard, 11. Tole, 12. Phillips, 13. Fuller, 14. Criswell, 15. Sweatman, 16. Schnitzer, 17. O'Connor, 18. Kerrigan

Northwest Focus Midget Series:

Fast Time:
14 Garrett Thomas

Heat 1:
1. 19 Thomas Walker, 2. 14 Garrett Thomas, 3. 04 Matt Loving, 4. 37 Guy Tow Jr, 5. 35g Elijah Gibbs, 6. 28 Mark Atkinson, 7. 44 Shane Smith

Heat 2:
1. 24 Nick Evans, 2. 16 Nik Larson, 3. 5 Mike Stryker, 4. 41 Ashley Thompson, 5. 90 Brenden White, 6. 3B Brian Hayes

Heat 3:
1. 46 Guy Tow Sr, 2. 3H Hannah Lindquist, 3. 13A Alex Peck, 4. 12 Jesse Conway, 5. 39 David Mills, 6. 11T Ray Stebbins

1. Evans, 2. Thomas, 3. Peck, 4. Loving, 5. Lindquist, 6. Stryker, 7. Walker, 8. Tow Jr, 9. Tow Sr. 10. Thompson, 11. Atkinson, 12. Milner, 13. White, 14. Mills, 15. Hayes, 16. Stebbins, 17. Smith, 18. Conway, 19. Gibbs

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